“Reborn!” Turns 10 with Classy BD Box Set


In 2006, Tsuna’s encounter with a tiny tutor turned into a crazy shonen adventure when Katekyo Hitman Reborn! premiered. Now the anime is celebrating its tenth anniversary in a big way: with a special-edition BD release in three box sets.


The first box, which comes out April 19, will contain episodes 1-73 on nine discs, as well as a bonus BD disc and two bonus CDs. The second box comes out May 17 with episodes 74-141 on nine discs, with a bonus disc and a bonus CD. The final box will come out on June 21 and includes episodes 142-203 on eight discs, with a bonus BD and bonus CD. Each costs 38,000 yen.


All three boxes are expected to come with a re-recorded drama CD, reversible sleeve art drawn by Reborn! manga creator Akira Amano, a booklet illustrated by Tanaka Hataga, creditless OP/ED videos, audio drama re-recordings, and a “Ribonucleic Character Collection” disk.

The three boxes can be preordered from Pony Canyon.

Source: Pony Canyon News


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