No Plans in Place for “Magical Girl Raising Project” Sequel


In the wake of the Magical Girl Raising Project finale, a lot of fans have been hoping for a continuation of the anime, following the course of the light novels. Unfortunately, tweets from director Hiroyuki Hashimoto seem to indicate that no plans currently exist for a continuation.


A five-part tweet thanks the original creators, staff, and voice actors. He goes on to say that the end of the anime isn’t the end of the story, and encourages fans to read the original light novels, in which he says Asari Endō and Maruino have created many “charming, cute, and painful characters.”

The final tweet states that the future of the anime is “undecided.”


The Magical Girl Raising Project light novel series is currently ten volumes long, with the most recent installment — Magical Girl Raising Project: QUEENS — having been released earlier this month.


Source: Yaraon!




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