“Tokyo Ghoul” Author Devours Social Media Accounts

Tokyo Ghoul manga author Sui Ishida had a vibrant social media presence. He’d exchange illustrations with other artists, present drawings for voice actors and other entertainment figures, and even follow-up on fan suggestions. And, were sure to get thousands or even tens of thousands of retweets. Unfortunately, “had” is the operative word there. 


Over the past week, Ishida cannibalized his Twitter accout (there’s now an “other” that grabbed the account name) and his pixiv account. The blog with his Penisman webmanga also went away at some point late this year.  There is still a Tumbr with a spotty collection of his work from elsewhere online. 


Some of his notable past tributes…


That “Green Monster” English speaking fans were sending him


Pokemon Go


Voice actor Natsuki Hanae

Singer Christina Grimmie

Rei from Evangelion

Howl’s Moving Castle

Dagashi Kashi

Touken Ranbou



Fate/Grand Order


One-Punch Man


Mob Psycho 100





haracter actor Robert Knepper, whose Prison Break has a following in Japan (Knepper played Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell). 

Hideharu Egashira, aka Egashira 2:50

Hunter x Hunter (the initial April Fool’s Joke that turned into a chapter lengthed prequel)



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