“Hizukuri” Short Anime Film Meets Crowdfunding Goal

Hizukuri (“Making a Fire”), a short 2DCG film about a boy journeying to find the artisan that forged his late father’s scissors, has successfully achieved its funding goal of 1 million yen on the Japanese crowdfunding website MotionGallery. The film now aims to be completed by November of 2017.



Hizukuri is directed by Naoki Matsuura, features music by UQiYO, and features the vocal talent of Yumi Yamamoto, Kenshirou Nakara, and Nyoko Mizuki. The film was inspired by Matsuura meeting a real-life artisan named Sasuke who uses traditional techniques to craft scissors.



The story of Hizukuri is described as follows:


“In a city of a parallel world. A boy finds a pair of broken scissors from his father’s belongings after he passed away. 
And a boy’s mother tells him that his father had been a gardener in the past. 
Then he figures out the scissors were made by Sasuke, who is an artisan living in a foreign country. 
The boy travels all the way to a place where Sasuke lives in order to get his scissors fixed.”



The crowdfunding campaign for Hizukuri on MotionGallery runs until January 27, 2017, and there are plans in place to expand the effort to include English-speaking supporters via the IndieGoGo platform beginning early this month. In the future, Matsuura hopes to take the completed film to film festivals both in Japan and abroad.



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