Celebrate the "Year of the Pen Pen" with New "Evangelion" Goods

Gainax’s EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01 is ringing in the Year of the Rooster in their own special way. While they may not have an actual rooster in the series, they do have a bird of their own… sort of. Welcome to — according to Gainax — the Year of the Pen Pen.



Brand new art featuring Pen Pen and a kimono-clad Rei Ayanami will grace a variety of merchandise available during the store’s “Year of the Rooster” event. Customers can get a clear file, a NERV branded beer glass, and a ball point pen… yes, a “Pen Pen pen.”





In addition, customers who spend at least 1,000 yen will receive the commemorative postcard shown above. Supplies are limited, and will not be reprinted once they’re gone.


Source: Natalie Comic




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