“Digimon” Marks 20 Years with a Re-Release of Its Original Device

Remember the original Digimon Digivices? The ones that were like Tamagotchi but let you actually fight people? They’re back, and they’re better than ever, in Premium Bandai’s latest tempting bid for your wallet: Digimon ver. 20th.



This new release is just like you remember, but better in a lot of ways. We live in the future, after all — so the 20th anniversary Digivices have some upgrades. The time it takes to complete certain tasks is much shorter, for one thing. For another, there’s now a single-player arena mode that lets you battle an onslaugh of Digimon on your own.


You can still battle other people, of course, and these Digivices are compatible with most others. Yes, even the year 15 ones. And you can still feed, play with, train, and combine your ‘mons.



The retro Digivices come in two colors: “Original Gray” and “Original Brown.” There’s one very important difference between the two, though: Gabumon is exclusive to the former, and Agumon is exclusive to the latter. But with careful leveling and trading between devices, you can get yourself an Omnimon.


You’ll also be able to upload your Digimon to the web to compete in a virtual D-1 Grand Prix.



The original version of this Digi-Vice sold more than 8 million units back in 1997, cementing its popularity for years to come.


The re-issued Digivices are currently up for pre-order until March 27 for 3,780 yen ($32.30) each. Units will ship out in June.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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