M-ON! Entertainment's "Love Live!" Music Collection Book Sold Out in One Week

Tokyo-based media company M-ON! Entertainment released “LisAni! Vol.27.1 ‘Love Live!’ Bokura no Ongaku Taizen,” a special book dedicated to the music and songs from the Love Live! franchise, in Japan on December 24, 2016. The 141-page book was sold out by the end of the year and the publisher immediately decided to reprint it. The reprinted copies will be available at stores in the middle of this month.


M-ON! entertainment has been releasing a quarterly anime music magazine LisAni! since April 2010 and the 1,512-yen book was published as the magazine’s latest special issue featuring the franchise’s songs and singers. It includes exclusive interviews with the nine members of μ’s (Emi Nitta, Yoshino Nanjo, Aya Uchida, Suzuko Mimori, Riho Iida, Pile, Aina Kusuda, Yurika Kubo, Sora Tokui), lyricist Aki Hata, choreographer Yumi Ishikawa, and stage director Katsumichi Namiki, in addition to the disc guide for the all songs released in six years. The cover illustration featuring the costumes for the unit’s July

2015 CD single “Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari” is newly drawn for the book.




Emi Nitta


Yoshino Nanjo


Aya Uchida


Suzuko Mimori


Riho Iida




Aina Kusuda


Yurika Kubo


Sora Tokui





“LisAni!” back issues featuring the “Love Live!” music


Vol.10.1 (October 2012)


 Vol.14.1 ‘Love Live!’ Ongaku Taizen” (August 2013)


Vol.22 (August 2015)





Meanwhile, Kadokawa will release “Love Live! The School Idol Movie Official Book” in Japan on January 30.

The 99-minute film was released on June 13, 2015, and earned an impressive 2.86 billion yen from its  

domestic run, becoming the 9th top-grossing Japanese film of the year.





Source: M-ON! Entertainment press release


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