"Fatal Fighter" Is An Upcoming Fighter With An All-Female Cast

Fatal Fighter is an upcoming brawler that features an all-female cast, and it draws inspiration from games like King of Fighters and Dead or Alive.


The trailer dropped for the game introduces various characters, including a blue-haired fighter with a green dinosaur-like costume, one with a set of dangerous claws, and other various designs.


There isn’t that much information about how many fighters you’ll be able to expect from the game or really any additional information about them, but it does look like a pretty color and interesting fighter to add to your list of go-to brawlers to play with your friends when Street Fighter and Dead or Alive start wearing on your nerves.


It will offer both network and spectator play so you can connect with other players around the world, and is supposedly releasing later this year.



[via Siliconera]


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