Crowdfunded “Red Ash” Anime Adjusts Its Title, Shares New Visual

Remember Red Ash -Magicicada-, Studio 4ºC’s OVA project that was successfully Kickstarted back in 2015? Its crowdfunding success coincided with a failed Kickstarter for Keiji Inafune’s Mega Man Legends-style game, Red Ash: The Indelible Legend, which went on to be fully funded by FUZE Entertainment. It’s been a while since we heard from either, but The Mega Man Network picked up on a recent name change and a new visual for the anime. 


It appears that the Red Ash project is now titled Red Ash -Gearworld-. You can read more translated info about the project over at TMMN, but for now check out the visual and a synopsis from the official website below.



“In a future society where nanomachines have become incorporated into genes, the “Nano race” who possess special abilities are oppressed and discriminated against by the “Pure race” of normal humans. Among the Nano race is the young lad named Beck, a hunter of legend who possesses the special ability of “Red Ash” transformation. In order to pay for the costly operation that would allow him to become a member of the Pure race, Beck and his mechanic companion, a large but timid fellow named Tyger, have taken on dangerous work zipping to the old world in their Parallel Machine. Then one day, they suddenly cross paths with a young lady named Call who is being chased by Safari and Stripe, a mysterious pair of crooks. Thrust into a mixed-up situation, together they zoom off to Gearworld, but are pursued relentlessly by the shady duo and their leader Deny, who ultimately commence an attack on Beck and his companions…!”


Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about the anime and, dare I be so bold, the GAME in the near future.


Via Rockman Corner



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