TV Asahi to Broadcast Concert of “Dragon Quest” Music

Not much press has been devoted to this particular program yet, but sharp-eyed fans noticed that way down TV Asahi’s broadcast schedule page is an entry for an upcoming Dragon Quest concert, to be performed by the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra.



The Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra is known for their covers of movie and game music — everything from Pirates of the Caribbean to the Super Mario Bros. series. With a new Dragon Quest game on the horizon, the time feels right for a celebration of the game’s music.


Dragon Quest stands as one of the innovative titles in the history of video game music, thanks to composer Koichi Sugiyama. Sugiyama was the first to record a video game soundtrack with a live orchestra, and the first game’s eight distinct musical motifs created the framework for RPG music as we know it today. This new concert of Dragon Quest music promises to further explore the relationship between classical music and video game music that Sugiyama already established so strongly in his original creation.



The concert is set to air on January 29 (time TBD).


Source: Otakomu




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