“Osomatsu-san” Stays Busy with Mook, Restaurant Collab, and App Announcements

Fans of the sleeper hit Osomatsu-san may be eagerly awaiting any news of a second season, but they’re not starved for content in the meantime. 2017 has barely begun, and already multiple new initiatives featuring the six brothers have been announced: a collaboration with Hanamaru Udon, the Osomatsu-sanpo smartphone app, and an upcoming mook.



Noodle chain Hanamaru Udon will be teaming up with the title for the upcoming “Hanamatsu-san Fair.” During the promotion, you can pick up special coupons called “Hanamatsu Notes” to put toward tempura and udon orders, as well as limited-edition goods. Select locations will also have large cutouts of one of the six brothers.



Meanwhile, preregistration has been opened for Osomatsu-sanpo (Osomatsu Walk), a Pokémon GO-type app for iPhone and Android where users can search for the six brothers while walking out and about. More information is available on the app’s official site.


And if that’s still not enough for you, don’t worry… women’s magazine an an has just revealed that an Osomatsu-san volume is scheduled to be released in a couple of months. It will include a cover and gravure art drawn by character designer Naoyuki Asano, a re-recording of the “Six Brothers Cast Roundtable Party,” and a school calendar appendix. The mook will be released on White Day, March 14.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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