New Videos Follow Prinny as He Gets Ready for “Disgaea 2 PC”

The PC port of Disgaea 2 is going live at the end of this month, and NIS needs someone to be the official hype machine. So they’ve gone through the resumes and they’ve found their guy… or, rather, their penguin.



In the new four-part YouTube series “Prinny’s Day,” one lucky Prinny is called up to be the spokes-bird for the upcoming release. His reaction to landing the job is… extreme, to say the lease. A calendar at the end promises a new video every Monday leading up to the Disgaea 2 PC release.


There’s also a hint at something else afoot, with fans told to keep an eye on the NIS America site for something special on the way. What could it be? All we know is that our spokes-Prinny says to “stay tuned”!


Disgaea 2 for the PC will be released worldwide on January 30.


Source: NIS America YouTube Channel




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