Tokyo Disneyland Offers Special Drinks in Celebration of “Rogue One”

Japan is, as always, taking their promotion the extra mile with edible goods. This time, it’s Tokyo Disneyland’s Dreamers Lounge, a Victorian-style restaurant that specializes in light fare and desserts themed to various Disney properties. For the release of Rogue One, they’ve come up with two special coffee-based drinks… one of which lets you relive the excitement of destroying the Death Star for yourself.



The Death Star drink comes to you in two containers: one holding a caramel shake, the other holding a Death Star made of coffee jelly on a layer of blue syrup. Pour the shake over the coffee jelly, stir it with the straw, and…



Ta-da! No blueprints necessary.


You can also try the Stormtrooper, a frozen drink of milk, vanilla syrup, chocolate syrup, and coffee cream.




The Death Star costs 1,500 yen and is available in limited qualities per day, while the Stormtrooper costs 1,300. Purchase of either drink also nets you a special Rogue One postcard. Both are available until January 31.


And if you happen to be there on the 15th, you can also try their Pete’s Dragon pistachio mousse, which comes with a coffee or tea and costs 1,340 yen.



Source: Anime! Anime!




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