Demon Archer And Sakura Saber Help Type-Moon Introduce 2017’s ‘Fate/” Projects

On New Year’s, along with the broadcast of the Fate/Grand Order anime special, a major slate of Fate/ projects was announced or updated, including the part 1.5 of the mobile RPG, the Heaven’s Feel movie trilogy, the EXTRA Last Encore TV anime, and Apocrypha TV anime. To introduce this all, they got the grudging help of Demon Archer/Oda Nobunaga (CV Rie Kugimiya), Sakura Saber/Souji Okita (CV Aoi Yuuki) and Rider/Medusa (Yū Asakawa), as depicted in the irreverent art of Keikenchi (GUDAGUDA, Koha-Ace).


And, today, Type-Moon posted the festivities. 


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