Feed Your Appetite for Conquest with a Chocolate Shogi Set


ISSIN HONPO, a Japanese company dedicated to creating eclectic health and beauty products, is teaming up with the Japan Shogi Association to create a confection that will stimulate both the brain and the sweet tooth: “Shogi de Chocolat”, a set of shogi pieces made out of chocolate.



Each “Shogi de Chocolat” set will contain eight chocolate sweets, with each sweet representing one of the the pieces used in shogi: king, rook, bishop, gold general, silver general, knight, lance, and pawn. The chocolates are made to regulation size and shape, and the set comes with instructions in both Japanese and English introducing players to the game of shogi.



The “Shogi de Chocolat” sets will be released in Japan beginning on January 26, 2017. Each set retails for 1400 yen ($12.22 US), although the sets are intended to be of more a novelty souvenir than an actual game set, since you would need to purchase multiple sets in order to have enough pieces to play a game of shogi.


Source: Narinari.com


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