Dudes Of “Gintama” Muscle Up For Man-Service-Filled Prize Lottery

With lots going on for Gintama, including the anime’s return, the manga’s move to its conclusion, and the upcoming live-action movie, it’s time for the men of Gintama to look their best for their fans. Towards that end, Bandai’s Ichiban Kuji prize lottery is presenting a Konna Gin-san Mitakotonai? campaign, promising Gin-san and company as you’ve never seen them before… literally ripped (torn cloths, plenty of explosed muscles and scars). 


Tickets go on sale February 11th at 620yen each.




A Prize  Gintoki Sakata Figure



B Prize Sakata Gintoki Microfiber Towel

C Prize Katsura Kotarou Microfiber Towel

D Prize Takasugi Shinsuke Microfiber Towel

E Prize Sakamoto Tatsuma Microfiber Towel

F Prize Hijikata Toushirou Microfiber Towel

G Prize Okita Sougo Microfiber Towel


H Prize Drawstring Cleaner

I Prize Hand Towel

J Prize Acrylic Charm

K prize Rubber Mascot


Last One Prize Sakata Gintoki Figure Shiny Color ver.

Double Chance prize tapestry


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