Nico Video to Stream “Boku Patalliro!” Marathon for Series’s 35th Anniversary

If you’ve never heard of Patalliro! by name, there are still odds you’ve seen screencaps. This is the title character.



And if that’s all you knew, it might be hard to believe that this show was actually the first televised BL anime. But despite this odd-looking child being the title character, a good portion of the action (in many senses of the term) takes place between his bodyguard and his would-be assassin. Because of it reputation as vintage BL, it has an impressive pedigree and a steady cult following.


Now, 35 years after the anime adaptation’s release, Boku Patalliro! will be streaming in its entirety on Nico Video.



The marathon will take place over four consecutive nights — January 27-30 — starting at 7 PM each night. Each block will contain 11-13 episodes, finishing off with episode 49 on the final night.


Patalliro! tells the story of the ten-year-old kind of a South Seas country who, despite being a young genius, is still a child prone to bouts of ridicuousness. The series was adapted into a stage play that was performed last month, and will be receiving another stage adaptation in the spring of 2018.


Source: Otakomu




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