Meme-able English Teacher Ellen Baker Now Has Her Own LINE Stickers

Boston English teacher Ellen Baker is the sweetheart of Japanese Twitter — and it’s all because someone took a photo of their brother’s English textbook.


“Huh? Is this my brother’s new English textbook? Why are they so cute??? And this is Ellen Baker. I love her.”

Ever since, the fictional teacher from the New Horizon textbook series has been the subject of memes and fanart from all over the Japanese Internet community. And now her fame has taken the next step: she has her own series of LINE stickers.



The set, which costs 240 yen, actually contains more than Ellen stickers: other characters from New Horizon are also included throughout, with Ellen making up just over a third of them. Tapping on the stickers in LINE will trigger voices and animation.


Note that LINE stickers may differ in availability by OS or region.


Source: Otakomu




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