Poster and Trailer for Third “Chain Chronicle” Film Released



It’s kind of hard to keep Chain Chronicle premieres straight right now, admittedly. As the Light of Haecceitas story runs episodically on television in Japan, the movies are being released a month at a time. This may mean the roll of the plot will eventually line up, but it’s hard to tell. (Either way, you can watch both versions streaming on Crunchyroll as they come out and compare for yourself.)



Either way, the third and final film installment now has a poster and trailer for fans to view.



The epic adaptation of the smartphone game comes to a close on February 11 — on the big screen, anyway. The TV version will continue its roll for a bit yet.


The TV adaptation of Chain Chronicle: Light of Haecceitas airs every Friday at 2:25 PM EST.


Source: Ota-Suke




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