Meet “Karada Sagashi” and “Foodfighter Tabelu” Manga Authors in “Shonen Jump +” New CMs

Shonen Jump’s official YouTube channel has posted two 30-second CMs featuring two Japanese manga artists, 37-year-old Katsutoshi Murase (Karada Sagashi) and 42-year-old Kyosuke Usuta (Foodfighter Tabelu). Their latest works has been available on the webcomic streaming site Shonen Jump +. Both videos features “Shigatsu no Kaze” (The Wind of April) performed by four-member Japanese rock band Elephant Kashimashi and has a tagline “Manga artist is the worst and best job.” 



Katsutoshi Murase edition

Narration: It is difficult, such as how to draw scary scenes, because there is no answers. I had only white papers in front of me, and I coudn’t sleep at all. But because of such struggles, I can feel ‘Yes!’ when I hit upon something new. I am so happy when people say ‘it’s so scary!’


“Karada Sagashi” 1st and 11th volume covers



Kyosuke Usuta edition


Narration: I had to think about something funny even when I was deeply depressed. I wanted to disappear

so bad. Then I could not draw anymore. I started practicing Chinese martial art, but it’s all escapism…,

and melancholy. But in the end, I like manga. I want to keep drawing as long as there are people who are

reading my works.  


“Foodfighter Tabelu” 1st and 4th volume covers


via: Shonen Jump + official Twitter