Poster Revealed for “Inspector Zenigata” TV Drama Triple-Play

Fans of Lupin III are loving life right now: with the Blue Jacket series, a recent Fujko-centric series, and the Jigen- and Goemon-centric projects, they’ve got everything they could wish for… almost. But that last piece of the puzzle slides into place next month with the live-action Inspector Zenigata series, for which new screenshots and an official poster have just dropped.



Starring Ryohei Suzuki (who previously starred in live adaptations of both Gatchaman and Hentai Kamen), the TV drama will be airing on Nippon TV, WOWOW, and Hulu — with differing “case file” episodes for each, allowing for unique viewing experiences (or potentially encouraging people to take advantage of all three services).



New photos also show co-stars Atsuko Maeda (as Natsuki Sakuraba) and Takahiro Miura (as Shintaro Kunikida), who will be working alongside the legendary Interpol agent on his various non-Lupin cases.





Inspector Zenigata premieres on Nippon TV and Hulu on Feburary 10, and comes to WOWOW February 19.


Source: Natalie Movie




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