Get Your Coffee Warring States Style with “Kingdom” Café au Lait Collab

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite Kingdom characters take their coffee, wonder no more — confectionary company Glico has launched a collaboration with the anime Kingdom, and is featuring six of its characters on its Mild Café au Lait packaging.


Xin leads the charge with the chocolate variant:


Meng Tian shows off the strawberry version:


He Liao Diao and Yin Zheng are featured on the cartons for the regular variety:


And, last but not least, Qiang Lei and Wang Ben appear on the creamy café au lait varieties.


The campaign, which launches January 30th, will also give fans the opportunity to win one of three slim phone chargers:


Or one of three metal tumblers featuring campaign art:


The promotion runs from January 30 to March 3. During that time, fans who purchase the café au lait cartons can cut out coupons from the back and send the in for a chance to win.


Source: Anime! Anime!, Otakomu




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