“Anonymous Noise” Live Film Cast Unmasked

Music manga Fukumenkei Noise (licensed in North America under the title Anonymous Noise) will soon be getting double the screen time — not only is an anime on the way, but a live-action adaptation film has been announced. And now, you can get your first look at the members of in-show band in NO hurry to shout (a.k.a. Inohari).



From left to right, the band members will include Hayato Isomura (Kamen Rider Necrom) as drummer Ayumi Kurose, Erina Mayo (formerly of Ongaku Gatas) as guitarist Miou Suguri, and Yosuke Sugino (Pretty Proofreader) as bassist Haruyoshi.


Previously, Ayami Nakajo was announced to be taking the lead role of Nino, a girl separated from her childhood friends Yuzu and Momo, who promise to find her again by her singing voice. Yuzu and Momo, shown below, are played by Jun Shison (Right, ToQger) and Yuta Koseki (Kota, Bitter Blood), respectively.



The live-action film of Anonymous Noise debuts on November 25 of this year, with the anime adaptation coming out in the spring.


Source: Natalie Comic




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