Take a Sip of Blue-Eyes Mountain Coffee at Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe

Celebrate 20 years of duels, trap cards, and dangerously sharp hair with Animate — they’ve unveiled the menu for their upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! 20th anniversary cafe, and it looks delicious.



Starting next month, visitors to Animate in Ikebukuro, Tennoji, Sendai, and Okayama can sample specially-made meals and drinks themed to the various seasons and characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! Entry to the cafe in Ikebukuro and Tennoji will be based on a lottery, with Sendai operating first-come-first-served on weekdays and on a lottery system on weekends and holidays. Okayama will remain first-come-first-served at all times.



The cafe’s signature dish will be, of course, “Blue-Eyes Mountain Coffee” — and it’ll cost you 3,000 yen, just like in the anime. But unlike the anime, it’ll come with a slice of blueberry tart, a receipt printed on edible soy paper, and a metal Jack Atlas medallion.


Other dishes will include 20th Anniversary Pasta (seafood spaghetti with yellow pepper stars), Kite and Hart’s Bond Heartland Parfait (sponge cake, vanilla ice cream, fruit and caramel sauce, a mini-cone, and a heart-shaped chocolate), and Jounochi Fire! Lava Golem-style Mabo Tofu Rice (self-explanatory). More than a dozen food and drink items are available across all four locations, and the menus will be changed up on March 2.



The cafe will also be selling limited-edition items like tapestries, pinback buttons, LED acrylic stands, key holders, and notepads. Ordering off the menu will also net you one of 25 chibi character coasters.



Full menus, times, and reservation information are available on the event’s official site.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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