Japanese UPLINK Movie Theater Launches UPLINK CLOUD Streaming Service

For those not lucky enough to live near Shibuya’s UPLINK movie theater or even in greater Tokyo, a new cloud streaming service has been launched that promises to bring a selection of the theater’s currently screening titles to those that can’t make it to a showing at the theater itself, with the help of highly regarded video portal Vimeo, best known for offering high-quality video uploads.

The UPLINK Cloud film streaming service works by first signing up to Vimeo as a member, then signing up for the UPLINK CLOUD service to select a film to watch from a predetermined list of films made available for streaming, with prices ranging from 500-1,800 yen depending on the film, with the capability to delay viewing up to 48 hours from initial purchase. Otherwise, films are only made available to view for up to 72 hours after pressing play, depending on a purchased selection. The service is a nod to the micro theater located in the Shibuya district which focuses on a mix of foreign and domestic documentaries and independent films, some of which are also available to stream the same day they screen at the theater. As always with these sorts of things, the service is limited to Japan.


via Otakomu