Ram and Anastasia Join Line of “Re:Zero” Shop-Exclusive Bonuses

More and more shops have been jumping on the bandwagon of exclusive goods with sales of games and DVDs. In particular, the upcoming release of Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Death or Kiss has seen retailers piling on the (mostly Rem) bromides, posters, and tapestries.


The latest additions to the pile are a pair of beachy pin-up items: a towel featuring Anastasia Hoshin from Koshin Electric, and a mini illustration featuring Ram from Geo.




More than a dozen other stores are offering similar bonuses. Animate will package orders with a Ram pass case and Rem coin purse, and AmiAmi will include a Rem/Ram keychain set for regular orders and a fancy Rem/Ram figure display for limited-edition orders.



Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar stores are offering bonuses of their own, too. Imagine Hakuyo offers a double-sided cloth poster  (Rem for the Vita release, Ram for the PS4 release):



Enterking has a Rem QUO Card:


Chara-Ani has a KG-size bromide of Ram:


Gamers offers a bromide of both twins:


COMG! has their own Rem QUO Card:


as does Theta Shop:


Takarajima will be offering an L-version bromide of Emilia:


Neo Wing offers an Anastasia mouse pad:


And Futaba Books gives fans an Emilia bromide:


All bonus items are offered in limited quantities while supplies last.


Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Death or Kiss for PS4 and PS Vita starting March 23.


Source: Dengeki Online




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