“Shonen Maid” to Hang up His Apron This March

Within spitting distance of its anime adaptation, it’s been announced that March 1 will be the beginning of the end for Shonen Maid, the manga by Ototachibana about a young boy who is adopted by his uncle after his mother’s death — on the condition that he dresses as a maid and cleans the house. The boy, not the uncle.



The series has run since March 2008, published in Enterbrain’s B’s-Log Comic magazine. So far, it has been collected in nine volumes. The March 1 chapter will see Ototachibana concluding the story.


Shonen Maid‘s anime adaptation ran from April to July of last year, and was licensed by Funimation. At present, there is no North American licensor for the manga.


Source: Manga Mag Japon




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