“Black Cat” and “Orphen” Leads Join the Cast of “elDLIVE”

The cast of elDLIVE, the newest series from Reborn! creator Akira Amano, has grown by two — and one was a notable character in the previous series before this.



Meet Gucchi (Ken Mizoguchi), the childhood friend of series lead Chuuta. He’s voiced by Takashi Kondo, whom you may remember from his roles as Train Heartnet in Black Cat and multiple characters in Reborn! — including Kyoya Hibari.


Also appearing will be the villainous Erwin, played by Showtaro Morikubo. He played the title role in Orphen, and can currently be heard as Makihara in Hand Shakers.

Kondo says he’s excited to be playing another role in Amano’s work, adding that her manga are still as good as ever when animated and promising to give the role everything he’s got.


Concerning the role of Erwin, Morikubo said it was fun to play a villain, and that he loved being able to take part in the recording of a space fantasy series.


elDLIVE is currently simulcast every Sunday at noon EST on Crunchyroll.


Source: Natalie Comic




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