Aya Uchida Bounces Back after Vocal Cord Surgery

We’re please to report that voice actress Aya Uchida, who went in for vocal cord surgery at the beginning of the year, is recovering and looking forward to getting back to work.



Since last spring, the Love Live! voice actress has been dealing with worsening nodules on her vocal cords. They were treated with medicine at first, but her busy schedule and constant work saw her condition worsening. By fall, even speaking in day-to-day life became difficult.


Uchida took two weeks off around the New Year, and announced today on her blog that the surgery was a success and she is recovering. She notes that her voice is (understandably) not completely back to where it was prior to her condition, but has promised to look after herself so that she can get back to work as soon as possible.


Source: Otakomu




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