“The Familiar of Zero” Novel Final 22nd Volume Cover Illustration Revealed

Kadokawa today revealed the cover illustration for the upcoming 22nd volume of the late Noboru Yamaguchi’s light novel series Zero no Tsukaima/The Familiar of Zero, which is newly drawn by the series’ official illustrator Eiji Usatsuka. The final volume titled “Zero no Shinwa/The Myth of Zero” is set to be released from Kadokawa’s MF Bunko J imprint on February 24.


The novel series’ 20th volume, which was the last one written by Yamaguchi himself, was published in February 2011, then he passed away at age of 41 due to an unspecified cancer on April 4, 2013. Before he died, he left plots for the last two volumes and the publisher decided to continue the series based on it with a different writer. The 21st volume “Rokusennen no Shinjitsu/The Truth of 6,000 Years” was released worldwide on February 25, 2016. While the original illustrator Eiji Usatsuka has returned, the new writer chosen by Yamaguchi has kept secret and no mention of his/her name on the cover of the new volumes. 



22nd volume “Zero no Shinwa/The Myth of Zero” cover



One month after the release of the final volume, Kadokawa will release “Finale Zero no Tsukaima Complete

Illustration Collection Usatsuka Eiji Art Works” that includes all of the 500 illustrations he has drawn for the

novel and anime series since 2004. Also from the publishing day, March 25, his art exhibition “Grande Finale

– Zero no Tsukaima” to commemorate the conclusion of the series will be held at GoFa (Gallery of Fantastic art)

in Tokyo till April 23. Usatsuka’s autograph session is planned at the venue on April 2.




21st volume “The Truth of 6,000 Years” cover 




Source: Kadokawa press release, MF Bunko J official Twitter


© Noboru Yamaguchi