Funimation Announces “Gosick” English Dub Cast

This week, Funimation confirmed that they have acquired the home video rights to the mystery show, Gosick, and launched Part 1 for pre-order ahead of a May 30th, 2017 release. With all this, they have announced its English dub cast.  



In this 1920s tale of dark intrigue and romance, Japanese exchange student Kazuya Kujo strikes up a fast but uneasy friendship with the dolllike genius Victorique. Both outcasts, Victorique and Kujo explore the unsolved mysteries at their school. As they begin taking on more cases, a sinister plot begins to unfold in the shadows around them.



Victorique de Blois – Apphia Yu

Kazuya Kujo – Matt Shipman

Grevil de Blois – Adam Rowe

Cecil Lafitte – Kristen McGuire

Avril Bradley – Erica Mendez

Sophie – Morgan Garrett

Albert de Blois – David Wald

Cordelia Gallo – Elizabeth Maxwell

Brian Roscoe – Robert McCollum

Jupiter Roger – Kent Williams

Yasuhiro Kujo – Clifford Chapin

Ruri Kujo – Megan Shipman

Julie Guile – Kasi Hollowell

Ned Baxter – Aaron Roberts

Maurice – Brian Mathis

Roxanne – Juli Erickson

Phantom Thief Quiaran – Luci Christian

Maxime – Ian Sinclair

Alan – John Burgmeier

Derek – Kyle Phillips

Raul – Cris George

Mildred – Michelle Rojas

Headman Sergius – R. Bruce Elliott

Ambrose – Lucien Dodge

Harminia – Colleen Clinkenbeard

Anastasia – Rachel Michelle Thompson

Garnier – Jeremy Inman

Luigi – Brittany Lauda

Superintendant General Signore – Brandon Potter

Jacqueline de Signore – Anastasia Munoz

Marion – Caitlin Glass

Leviathan – Ray Hurd

Rupert de Giret – Sonny Srait

Coco Rose – Lydia Mackay

Baron Musgrave – Charlie Campbell

Ian Musgrave – Dallas Reid

Young Albert de Blois – David Matranga

Wong Kai – Todd Haberkorn

Simon Hunt – Christopher Wehkamp

Carmilla – Monica Rial

Morella – Monica Rial

The Orphan – Amanda Lee

The Knight – Chris Rager

The Lumberjack (Gideon Lesglant) – Seth Magill

Ginger Pie – Stephanie Young



Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain’t It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.