Akitaro Daichi Preparing New Anime Collaboration Work with Hisashi Eguchi

61-year-old anime director Akitaro Daichi, well known for his directorial works for Kodomo no Omocha (1996-1998), Jubei-chan (1999, 2004), Fruits Basket (2001), and the most recent Ninja Girl & Samurai Master (2016), revealed on his official Twitter that he is now preparing a new anime project featuring characters designed by acclaimed manga artist Hisashi Eguchi (Susume!! PiratesStop!! Hibari-kun!). 


According to Daichi’s blog post on January 6, the project was originally launched 18 years ago in 1999, after he directed his three original anime works, Jubei-chan (1999), Now and Then, Here and There (1999) and Tsukikage Ran (2000). It was almost getting a greenlight for production, but failed because of his own mistake. He still believes it will be his best work in his career and Eguchi’s characters are needed to make it perfect. While not much details are revealed, Daichi confirms it is a “hard-boiled gag” detective story set in Yokohama. A presentation for the project is scheduled in the beginning of next week.


Eguchi previously worked on character designs for three anime: Roujin Z (1991/Hiroyuki Kitakubo), Perfect

Blue (1997/Satoshi Kon), and Uninhabited Planet Survive! (2003). But he said that he was fired in the middle

of production for Perfect Blue because his work was too slow.



Rough character sketches by Eguchi



Daichi and Eguchi at an izakaya



From Eguchi’s “KING OF POP Eguchi Hisashi All Works 1977-2015”


Source: Twitter posts by Akitaro Daichi, Hisashi Eguchi