“Kenshin” Headline Set Of Six New “Jump SQ” Manga

Add the monthly Jump Square to the list of manga magazines in transition. To Love-Ru Darkness is heading out. 7th Garden movied online. And, it’s time for some new blood. In big name in the wave of upcoming manga is Rurouni Kenshin’s new Hokkaido arc. However, the plans are currently for an indefinite “summer.” And, speaking of cute guys and historic swords, there’s a Touken Ranbu tie-in to the game-turned-multi-media franchise.


The six new manga include: 

Summer: Rurouni Kenshin Hokkaido arc by Watsuki Nobuhiro

June Issue: Do Kyuuhentai Egxelos (eguzerosu) by Kitada Ryouma

July Issue: Futaribocchi Sensou (The battle between only us two) by Hijihara Erubo

August Issue: Katsugeki (Fury) Touken Ranbu 

August Issue: Yuugai Shitei Doukyuusei(Harmful Designation Same Year Students) by Kuroha

September Issue: Sentaku no Toki (Time to choose) by Gunsen Kiri



via YonkouProd

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