Never Forget “Kemono Friends” As Shoebill Watches You

As unforgettable as the end of the Kemono Friends anime was, it’ll be even more unforgettable if you have that starring Friend, Shoebill watching you. Towards that end, character goods maker Cospa is offering the popular bird on a t-shirt, selling for 3,132yen ahead of late May release, and eye mask, due in June for 1,296yen. 







A Crested Ibis shirt also went on sale, due in May for 3,132yen

A Tsuchinoko shirt was previously offered for May (it says UMA because Tsuchinoko are fabled Unidentified Mysterious Animal/cryptids)

Previously offered Serval, “Jump” and logo are due in April




A parka has been offered too for 5,400yen




Speaking of Shoebill, watch a fan make the Friend out of felt




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