Watch Mysterious Group Kabukibu Rocks Performs TV Anime “Kabukibu!” ED Song in MV

Pony Canyon has opened the official website for a mysterious face-painted five-member group Kabukibu Rocks and has posted a 65-second short version music video for their debut single “O-EDO.” The song is now used as the ED theme for the TV anime adaptation of Yuri Eda’s light novel series Kabukibu! premiered in Japan yesterday.


It is a cover version of five-member Japanese rock band Kabuki Rocks’ 1st single released in May 1990, which was also based on singer Kenji Sawada’s hit single song “TOKIO” in 1980. Edo is the former name of Tokyo before Meiji Restoration in 1868.


The names of the five members are listed as Netsu Amamiya, Rei Amamiya, Shin Amamiya, Kai Amamiya, and Rai Amimaiya on the site. Though their identity are not officially revealed, it may be not

so difficult to guess who they are if you compare the two CD jacket images below.


Their debut CD single “O-EDO” will be released in two editions on May 17. The CD also includes “Ai wa

Zankoku na Rondo” (Love Is Cruel Rondo) performed by Brilliant Imitaion, a band that Shin Akutsu (CV:

Ryota Ohsaka) performs as lead vocalist in the show.



“O-EDO” short MV by Kabukibu Rocks


First press limited edition CD jacket


Regular edition



Kabuki Rocks (band)


“O-EDO” MV by Kabuki Rocks



Source: Kabukibu Rocks official website