Toast “Girls und Panzer” with Special-Edition Sake and Cups

Anime-themed sake is becoming more and more popular, with several breweries creating entire lines devoted to franchises. Now fans of Girls und Panzer der Film have a little something for them, thanks to Iinumahonke.



The set consists of two 300 ml bottles of the custome brew, as well as a set of sake cups modeled on the turret of a Type 97 Chi-Ha turret and the inflatable duck head “disguise.”


Iinumahonke, like rival school Chi-Ha-Tan, is based in Chiba. It has been in the business for 300 years, and its ranch house offers udon, curry, desserts, and brewery tours with tastings of freshly-brewed sake.



The Girls und Panzer sake set is currently available to preorder for 6,156 yen (about $55.31). Preorders close May 8, and orders are expected to ship out in June.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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