This “Sailor Moon” Plus Size Collection Is Everything

Japanese actress and comedienne Naomi Watanabe is a well-known personality on her own, and she’s also a body-positive advocate for women of all shapes and sizes. She launched her own clothing line named Punyus and has recently teamed up with none other than Sailor Moon to create a series based on characters from Sailor Moon. In short, it’s gorgeous!


There are sailor suit dresses, rompers, blouses, T-shirts, button-up shirts, striped baby doll tops, socks, purses, and more in the line, which you can see below, all emblazoned with characters from the seminal magical girl series and modeled by Naomi herself.


Check out the entire collection here via the official Punyus page as well as a gaggle of other awesome-looking attire.




[via Tokyo Otaku Mode]


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