Check Out Previews for “Kemono Friends” Drama/Character Song and Soundtrack Albums

The official YouTube channel for the Kemono Friends anime franchise today released previews for “Japari Café,” a newly-recorded drama/character song album and the TV anime’s original soundtrack album composed by Akiyuki Tateyama. Both albums will be available on the same day, June 7. Purchasers who pre-order the two albums at selected Japanese retailers (Animate, Gamers, HMV, Amazon Japan, etc.) will receive a special bonus item. For example, the customers who pre-order the two albums together on Amazon Japan will get an original CD storage box.


“Japari Café” preview


CD jacket illustration



TV anime “Kemono Friends” original soundtrack album preview


CD jacket illustration


The third guidebook with a Blu-ray containing the TV anime’s 5th and 6th episodes is released today in

Japan. It has already ranked No.1 on Amazaon Japan’s ranking for the anime/manga/BL illustration book

and official book.


The third guidbook set




The latest CM for the guidebooks



Also as reported, Live Viewing Japan hold live-viewings of Nico Nico Live’s all 12-episode streaming program

of the TV anime simultaneously in 33 theaters across Japan today. While seven members of Doubutsu Biscuits

and PPP (PePaPu), except Mikoi Sasaki (Royal Penguin) of PPP, are scheduled to join the Shinjuku Wald 9

screening in Tokyo for a special stage, the director of the anime, Tatsuki is confirmed to provide his comments

on Nico Nico Live during the streaming as “Tatsuki Oniisan.” The streaming is scheduled to begin at 22:00 (JST).



Source: “Kemono Friends” official Twitter


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