Meet the Four Sword-Wielding Leading Ladies of “Toji no Miko”

The upcoming original anime Toji no Miko pits sword-wielding high school girls against otherworldly threats — and pits one girl in particular against her fellow toji in competitions across Japan. Check out what we know so far about the leads of this upcoming series:


Kanami Etou: In her second year at middle school, Kanami is her school’s toji representative. She’s bright, cheerful, and has a large circle of friends. She’d sooner practice her swordsmanship than sleep, and appreciates witnessing the skills of her opponents.


Hiyori Juujou: A serious, stoic 14-year-old in her third year of middle school. Hiyori’s sense of responsibility as a toji is second to none, and her will never bends. But because she is uncompromising in her expectations of both herself and others, she is often misunderstood.


Mai Yanase: Thirteen years old, one of the two daughters of the owners of the prestigious Yanase Group. Even when she’s training, she is kind and thoughtful. Her hobby is making sweets, and she especially enjoys baking cookies.


Sayaka Itomi: Twelve years old, in her first year at middle school. Sayaka is a young prodigy with some of the fastest sword work around. While she will do her missions unquestioningly, she often has trouble communicating with others.


Toji no Miko takes place in an alternate universe where sword-wielding shrine maidens known as toji protect the world from otherworldly monsters. In modern times, toji are trained at five different schools across Japan. One, Kanami, aspires to prove herself at the annual tournament, where students from all five schools meet to test their skills.


The series will be produced by GENCO, with character design by Yoshinori Shizuma (Grimoire of Zero) and series composition by Tatsuya Takahashi (THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS). It is directed by Koudai Kakimoto (Cyborg 009: Call of Justice).

Source: MoCa-News, @tojinomiko




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