Indie Games Just Got Freakier with SmileBoom’s New Monster Pack

Software creator SmileBoom is making a name for itself by simplifying game creation. Thanks to programs like SMILE GAME BUILDER, enthusiasts can create their own RPGs without knowledge of programming. Recently, the company celebrated the first commercial release created with their software.


If you’re enthused about game creation but need some dungeon trash for your heroes to fight, their latest DLC has you covered. Check out the content of Jacob’s Monster Pack Volume 1.

The pack, created by Texas designer Jacob Mann, contains 10 types of 3D models, each with 8-10 motions embedded. Select models also have extra color and size variants.


You’ll also get a bonus “Talking Tree” model:



The pack is $29.99, and can be bought now on Steam. Resources in the pack are free to use in your own creations, regardless of whether it is a commercial or non-commercial release.


Source: SmileBoom




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