Game Designer Turns Comic Hero Thanks to “Pop Team Epic” Creator


Designer, commentator, and all-around game dude Mafia Kajita has a massive fan following online — partly for his work, but also for his, er, Mafia-style aesthetic. Merchandise has been released featuring his likeness, but so far he’s never gone truly 2D.


Until now.



In what is probably one of the most common-sense pairings ever, Pop Team Epic creator Bkub Okawa has taken it upon himself to create a webcomic with Kajita as the protagonist. Titled GOHO Mafia! Kajita-kun, it is featured on the Dengeki G’s Magazine website. So far, the first installment includes a handful of 4koma.


Dengeki G’s Magazine is also known for running the Love Live! and Yuki Yuna manga.


Kajita says he was at first unsure about “becoming a manga,” but once he found out Okawa was behind it, he was definitely excited.


Check out the first release of GOHO Mafia! Kajita-kun on the Dengeki G’s website.


Source: Dengeki G’s,




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