Akihabara-born Idol Group Moso Calibration to Perform “Time Bokan 24” New ED

It was announced at the release commemoration event for their third major single “Bang Bang No.1” at Akihabara Deastage yesterday on December 18 that six-member Japanese idol group Moso Calibration will perform “Gekiyaba Bokkaann!!,” the second ED theme song for the ongoing TV anime Time Bokan 24. The group was formed in March 2013 and this is their first anime tie-up song in their career..


They have been managed by the Akihabara-based company Dearstage that also has a live event space and bar of the same name in the district, where the members of its idol groups are working as waitresses. Other popular idol groups belong to the company are Dempagumi.inc, STAR☆ANIS, Mia REGINA, and PamperRevivePeople.


“Gekiyaba Bokkaann!!” will be used from the 14th episode to be aired on January 7, 2017, after the

current first ED song “TRUE LOVE” by Ai Shinozaki (idol group AeLL. member). Prior to that, they will

perform the song for the first time in public at their concert at Shinkiba Studio Coast in Tokyo on December

25 as their Christmas present for their fans.


Moso Calibration



Photos from the December 18 event



Official live perfromance video 

“Mahou no Juice” (7th indie single) at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015



Source: Sony Music Labels press release