Upcoming “Onihei” Anime Adaptation Will Receive OVA Prequel

Heizo Hasegawa, a long-popular figure in Japanese historical dramas, will be appearing in an anime series directed by Buzzer Beater helmer Shigeyuki Miya. Based on Onihei Crime Reports in Edo, the series is set to premiere January 9.


For those already excited about the adaptation, there is good news: an OVA prequel has already been planned, and will be released in February.



Titled Onihei ~That Man, Heizo Hasegawa~, the 40-minute OVA prequel will follow a young man interviewing various people about Hasegawa, eventually stumbling onto his personal home and family. Like the series, the OVA will be directed by Miya.


The OVA release will cost 5,800 yen ($49.27), and will include five extra minutes of footage, the pilot episode of the TV anime, and a special “making of” book. The DVD goes on sale February 22, 2017.


Source: Otakomu.jp




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