Seven-Member Unit Questy Show Their Dance Moves in “Pop In Q” Theme Song MV

Questy is a seven-member vocal and dance unit newly formed to perform the theme and insert songs for Toei Animation’s 60th anniversary film Pop In Q. The members were chosen in October 2016 after the six-month audition held by Toei Animation, EXPG (LDH’s dance school) and avex. Their debut single “FANTASY” is released from avex trax today on December 21. The CD single also includes the insert song for the film, “Sora no Uta (The Song of The Sky/Future).”


“FANTASY” short MV


Latest clip from the film featuring the theme song



CD+DVD edition jacket


CD-only edition


One-coin (500-yen) edition



“Pop In Q” latest trailer



New poster visual


Source: Questy official website


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