New Release Schedule for “GANGSTA.” DVD/Blu-ray 3rd to 6th Volumes Confirmed

The official website for the TV anime adaptation of Kohske’s action manga series GANGSTA. has revealed a new release schedule for its 3rd to 6th DVD/Blu-ray. The TV anime was aired for 12 episodes in Japan from July to September 2015, then the first two discs were released on September and October of the year. But unfortunately, the release has been stopped due to its production company Manglobe’s bankruptcy in November 2015.


The company known for Samurai Champloo (2003), The World God Only Knows (2010-), Hayate the Combat Butler! (2012-) ended business by September 29 and its total indebtedness was reported as over 350 million yen (about 2.9 million US dollars).



New release schedule:


3rd volume (5th and 6th episodes) – March 24, 2017

4th volume (7th and 8th episodes) – April 21, 2017

5th volume (9th, 9.5th, and 10th episodes) – May 26, 2017

6th volume (11th and 12th episodes), Blu-ray Box – June 23, 2017


* all of the discs will come with a newly-recorded special drama CD



PV for the new release schedule


3rd volume jacket illustration by the manga author Kohske


Blu-ray box art




Source: TV anime “GANGSTA.” official website


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