Meet Three Heroines Introduced in TV Anime “One Room” 1st PV

The official website for SMIRAL animation (Ani Tore!, Makura no Danshi)’s new original short TV anime One Room today posted a 40-second 1st PV introducing its three heroines: Yui Hanasaka (CV: M.A.O), Natsuki Momohara (Rie Murakawa), and Moka Aoshima (Suzuko Mimori).


Judging from the tagline “The Protagonist is You (Viewer),” the anime is expected to be told from the first person point of view, which means the girls will act as the viewer’s own girlfriend or little sister in the screen. It is set to premiere on Tokyo MX and Sun TV on January 11, 2017, and will run for 12 episodes in three separate arcs featuring each heroine. The Three VAs also sing the theme song for each character’s arc. The song used in the 1st PV is “Harumachi Clover” sung by M.A.O, and its CD single will be released on February 8, 2017.



1st PV





Yui Hanasaka (1st to 4th episodes):

 Theme song: “Harumachi Clover”

A 17-year-old high school girl in the third grade. She had lived in Hokkaido, but recently moved to Tokyo

to concentrate on her study for the coming university entrance exam, living with her older sister who is

trying find a job.  


Natsuki Momohara (5th to 8th episodes):

 Theme song: “Natsuzora Yell”

The protagonist’s younger sister, 14-year-old second grade junior high school student. In the name of

“Life Guidance” for his brother who works in Tokyo, she is staying at his room during the summer vacation.



Moka Aoshima (9th to 12th episodes):

 Theme song: “Kibou Refrain”

The protagonist’s childfood friend who is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter. She once made her debut, but failed

to continue her proffessinal career. Still chasing her dream, she now works as a part-time worker in Tokyo.






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Source: TV anime “One Room” official website, Twitter