“One Piece” Nami-inspired Special Wristwatch for Your Holiday Gift

Japanese mail order retailer Imperial Enterprise has started offering a new limited wristwatch “Nami -Toki No Kizuna (The Bond of Time)” from its One Piece Premium Collection line on its online store PREMICO since yesterday. The design of the watch is inspired by on Nami’s own Log Pose, and it has a second hand imitating her signature weapon Clima-Tact.  


The officially-licensed item is produced in a limited number of 999, and its “001” engraved one is sent to the anime voice actress of Nami, Akemi Okamura. The price for the set including a special message card from Okamura is 32,832 yen (about 274 US dollars). Purchasers have two choices for its belt, leather or metal, at the same price.




Previously released “One Piece” watches by Imperial Enterprise





Source: Imperial Enterprise press release 


© Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Fuji TV, Towi Animation